Is time changing?

Throughout this pandemic I’ve had time (lots of time…) to stare at walls and think about, well, time.

I’m an avid reader as well as long-distance runner. And I’ve noticed something that happens to me when I read, and when I run (not at the same time).

Time seems to slow down for me.

When I’ve been running for a long enough distance, I enter into a state of ‘flow’, where running becomes effortless. I notice something similar happens when I’m enjoying a really good book.

There are two books I’d recommend if you’re anything like me, and have ‘finished Netflix’, and are now so bored you’ve started contemplating the meaning of time.

Thank you for being late” by Thomas L. Friedman

The main gist of this book is right in its title. By slowing down and being ‘late’ for events, you’re giving yourself time to take a breath and step back from the ever-increasing pace of society, social change, climate change, and generational change. By slowing down, counterintuitively, you will help yourself adapt faster to the increasing pace of change.

The Ever-Present Origin” by Jean Gebser

Ok — fair word of warning — this book is a doozy. You thought Tolstoy’s War and Peace was long? This book is half as long, and will take me 5 times longer to fully understand. But I love re-reading it over and over again to try. Basically, the book tries to show that at some point in history, humans developed the concept of time to help us relate to our existential selves. And we did it at a certain time in our evolution. But that we haven’t stopped evolving, and that the next phase of our evolution will involve changing our concept of time. Gebser made the point that in much the same way humans ‘discovered’ 3 dimensional viewing, we will discover that time has multi-dimensions, and it will change our world forever.

Mind. Blown. You’re welcome.

Happy navel-gazing and wall-staring during this pandemic.



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